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This physiotherapist-led program of exercises for knee arthritis is FREE for a limited time.  It is  designed to improve mobility and pain from the comfort of your own home during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

Patients with knee OA excited for Knee boost home workout

A Scientific Approach to Improving Pain and Mobility Using Exercises for Knee Arthritis

Spring Loaded, in partnership with Zoomers Physiotherapy have produced this home workout series for our customers and anyone else living with knee arthritis. The physiotherapist-guided workout program has been developed based on scientifically proven methods for safely improving strength and mobility in people using exercises for knee arthritis.

Image of the CEO, Spring Loaded Technology - CHRIS COWPER-SMITH
Image of the CEO, Spring Loaded Technology - CHRIS COWPER-SMITH

“We hope this free exercise program will help you stay active during a time when it is much more challenging to access regular ways to stay fit and mobile.”

Chris Cowper-Smith, CEO Spring Loaded


Designed To Keep You Moving at Home!

Image of a person who is benefiting from knee boost program with enhanced strength


Building muscular power and neuromuscular control to boost stability and strengthen the knee joint. 

Image of a person who is benefiting from knee boost program with enhanced mobility


Maximizing muscle use and minimizing joint stress to enhance movement around the joint and support sustained activity.
Image of a person who is benefiting from knee boost program with enhanced flexibility


Stretching exercises designed to reduce muscular tension and promote an improved range of motion.

The Program

Women with Spring loaded Technology's Bionic Knee brace trying Knee boost workouts
4 Week Program


A full four week program that you can customize to your own needs.

New video each Week


Each week you will get a new video focused on improving a different aspect of your mobility.

Online studio


An easy-to-use website you can visit to work along with any video in the program.

check INs


Daily exercise reminders and weekly videos to answer common questions about the exercise program. 

Meet Your Instructor

Laura Lundquist - Physiotherapist and Instructor for Knee boost home workouts

Laura Lundquist - MScPT, FCAMPT

Physiotherapist, Owner Zoomers

Laura’s passion is helping people return to or maintain function despite an injury or illness. Her experience in sport physiotherapy and private practice orthopedics has given her a unique perspective and ability to help people achieve these goals. She has a particular interest in helping people maintain a healthy level of physical activity despite normal age-related changes that happen to us all… this was how the idea for Zoomers Physiotherapy and Health Solutions was born!

Hear What People Have to Say About It

Couldn’t bend my knee, but after doing the exercises regularly I now have pretty near normal flexibility in my knee. Obviously, it has taken a few weeks and also perseverance to do the exercises regularly. I have now also resumed exercises at the Ladies’ Gym without any bad reactions. Very pleased with the results of Knee Boost workouts. They have helped immensely.


United Kingdom

I was really surprised to actually be given an opportunity to do the Knee Boost program. For me it was a special bonus. Not only is the brace a great device but to have a workout video to even make the brace better was fantastic. Thank you for the great work you are doing.

-Survey Responder

I thought it was a great program. I wanted to take on a multi-functional approach to managing my knee osteoarthritis that included the Levitation brace, an exercise program (Knee Boost), and an improved nutritious diet. It worked! I used to have to wear the brace all the time in the higher setting. Now I never use that setting. I use the Levitation brace on the low setting and sometimes I don't wear the brace at all.

-Survey Responder

The program was motivational, targeting the knee joints, of course, and well put together with a video ensuring proper performance of said exercises.

-Survey Responder

Helped my knees and also helped me to be able to move more freely.


United States

I found the calm voice good. The lack of background music allowed me to hear the instructions clearly. Thank you. I was quite surprised at how quickly I improved and am now running!!

-Survey Responder

About Spring Loaded

 Spring Loaded is an award-winning company focused on mobility-restoring bionics. The company incorporates its patented liquid spring technology into Levitation®, the world’s first compact and powerful bionic knee brace. Levitation®  is the only brace that can significantly reduce pressure throughout the knee while enhancing strength to alleviate pain and improve mobility for people with knee arthritis and injuries. 

Levitation®, the world’s first compact and powerful bionic knee brace.

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